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I feel that Paulette Wisch is very professional. I would use her again and would recommend her to any family, friends or customers. I am in Real Estate and have given her referrals. She is knowledgeable and explains everything. Thanks Paulette! - Russel

The reverse mortgage allows me to use money from my home and live in it. This will afford me a better life and what I don't use I will pass to my son. - Robert 

I am very happy, my quality of life has dramatically increased. I am able to feel secure as I now have more income for myself. I would like to thank Paulette Wisch for her kindness, warmth, positive energy, ability and knowledge. - Dianne

Paulette Wisch is a jewel. My first meeting with her inspired confidence and trust in Universal Lending and also in her. I knew right away that I had the right person and the right company. I can't say enough about how smooth and professionally Paulette habdled the whole process. - Kent 

Just closed on the reverse mortgage loan, so now my home equity loan is paid off and so are my credit cards. I already feel peace of mind regarding current and future finances. This entire experience has been great.       - Tiffany

I needed a reverse mortgage to be able to stay in my home so I would not have to sell it in a down market to pay my bills. This is a perfect solution for me. My loan officer has been the best! I appreciate her expertise and that of Universal Lending. - Jennifer

I discovered soon that trying to live on my said Social Security Income was insufficient. Although I have other investments, my financial advisor and I agreed since my house was paid for, a reverse mortgage was my best and clearest option. - Frank

For the first time in 10 years I don't have to worry about my husband, age 75, still having to work! Now we can enjoy our retirement. Thanks so much! - Vivian

Paulette is professional. Her grasp and clarity of the reverse mortgage process is stunning. She is an asset to her company and I would recommend her highly. -Mary

We shall no longer need to pay a monthly mortgage payment. This will make our saving go further, and we shall now be able to remain in our condo without having to sell! - Bruce

Paulette is extremely knowledgeable, easy to talk to and answers any questions that I asked. This is the second time she has helped me with a reverse. I have (recommended) her to a neighbor who asked me about Reverse Mortgages. She is a plus for your staff. - Roger

Paulette was superb. Quick, professional and a good listener. - Royal S.

We felt Paulette was extremely easy to work with and very versed in Reverse Mortgages. Very friendly and kind. - William H.

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