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Real Life Examples

Clara's Story 


Clara lives in a historical home in the mountains and had a home in Kansas that she could not sell. She used a reverse mortgage on her home to pay off the Kansas property and to have money for future expenses. But that wasn't all. Clara finally was able to take her dream vaction with her sister! 

Donna's Story


Donna wanted to make sure she and her husband had all of their needs covered. The one thing that they were struggling with was affording long-term care. She took out a reverse mortgage and purchased a policy for herself and her husband. In addition, their house was paid free and clear, and they had money in the bank. They are protected and enjoying financial security. 


Karen and Dan's Story


Karen and Dan needed money to remodle their home and to use as backup for expected and unexpected medical bills. A reverse mortgage helped them take care of both of those things without having to make a monthly payment. 


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